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Strategic Services

We are a team of strategic and creative instigators. We develop strategic solutions, shape stories and create campaigns for brands and organisations that want to impact. For gain. For fame. For change.

Brand Strategy

In the non-consumer space, brand is not a fluffy concept, brand is a strategic weapon. Brand is how you create and deliver difference to customers, to colleagues, to the market. Brand strategy is not simply a marketing concern, it’s a whole of business issue. Your brand is your belief system.

Hyphen develops strategic edge for existing brands – and gives birth to new brands – across deep insights, positioning, purpose and platform.

Creative & Campaign Strategy

Ideas are the currency of human connection. And campaigns are the vehicles of moving minds and changing conversations.

Strategic creativity seeks out the cultural space, the ideas and stories that stand out, that can inspire audiences, that are different and make a difference. Hyphen develops campaign architecture that propels an idea and a campaign storyline from start to finish.

Social Strategy

Hyphen Social is a specialist offering from Hyphen. Built for small businesses and start-ups, designed to enable them to capitalise on social’s unique advantages for smaller players.

Social allows brands to influence – not just advertise. It’s visual. It’s verbal. It’s cultural. For small businesses with limited budgets, social is not simply a channel, it’s all the channels.

Citizen Strategy

As societies shift, as institutional norms fray and as citizens become more empowered by technology, entities from governments, NGO’s, special interest groups and political parties face a new set of communication challenges.

Issues need ideas more than ever. We work with political and issue driven brands to capture the imagination of citizens through branding, policy innovation and creative citizen engagement.

What our clients say

Burning Issues Need Braver Ideas

Humanity hits harder than logic.

In marketing, emotional communications outperform rational messaging by nearly a factor of two. This is an opportunity for B2B brands and organizations in flat, static non consumer categories.

Effect comes from affect. We call this Edge.

Edge is attraction, clout, curiosity, leadership, legacy, and reputation. It’s the difference between standing out from the pack and fading back into the noise and clutter.

It’s always heart then head.

About Hyphen

Hyphen is the fusion point between strategic insight and creative storytelling; what we call a strategic-creative consultancy. We are a team of strategic planners and creative advisors working across brand strategy, creative planning, campaigning, and strategic innovation.

Our business is built around the idea of edge. Edge elevates a brand, a business, a perspective, and gives you a voice to cut through the modern marketplace.

We do this from Dublin and Brussels.

Sharon Mooney & James Dunne

Managing Partners

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Hyphen was founded in March 2022 by Sharon Mooney and James Dunne. Adland honed, and Consultancy world forged, they have worked across categories, disciplines and channels together for over a decade – solving some of the most complex challenges facing brands in the modern marketplace. Hyphen is the connective tissue between agency speed and consultancy smarts.

Sharon Mooney

James Dunne

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If there’s a question you have that’s not listed here, please contact us directly.

We don’t list all the brands we work with as some of the work is sensitive but we are happy to discuss in person and provide references.

If your brand or business feels stuck. Or you are seeking a novel approach to existing challenges. Most of our clients present with a challenge that needs challenging.

Every challenge, brand and business is unique. No brand is too big, no fee is too big. But seriously, investment levels vary on the size and scope of the task. We work fast, and collaboratively and can make investment work for you.

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Have a question or interested in learning more about how Hyphen can elevate your brand? Don't hesitate to reach out to us! Whether you're based in Dublin, Brussels, or beyond, our team is here to assist you. Drop us a message using the form below or connect with us directly via email or phone. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring the possibilities of collaboration.