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Make your brand an asset.

Brand is an untapped asset for many B2B entities. And a fundamental level corporate opinion leaders, institutional players and ‘business buyer’ audiences are people. Serious people, no doubt, but they remain human – humans make 83% of decisions based on emotion and then post-rationalize. These people navigate their world through stories, the more effective the story at winning attention the more intent is created.

Complicated communication

Too much communication and too much investment in too many B2B categories is category conformist – meaning it sounds the same, looks similar and performs at a baseline of expectations. Investment is ultimately wasted.

Creating brand edge

Data tells us that emotive, broad, clear and distinctive B2B brand positioning creates an immediate disproportionate advantage in static categories. Having a different point of view and a sense of the difference you bring to the market is powerful stuff. When you stand out, people sit up. We call this Edge.

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