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Social isn’t new news.

We realise that social is no longer spoken as an innovation. Over the last decade its ubiquity in media planning often obscures its latent brilliance, especially for small and start-up businesses who require agile, low-cost strategies that can establish and grow brand stature. We have indexed against social as a media channel, instead of social as a brand operating system.

All of the channels

Hyphen’s work with niche B2B, non-consumer and issue driven brands has seen the consultancy launch a stand-alone social strategy offering.

Social allows brands to influence – not just advertise. It’s visual. It’s verbal. It’s cultural. For small businesses with limited budgets, social can toggle effectively between brand building and sales activation. It can delivery loyalty and enlightenment.

Social edge - scale and strategy

Social is different. Social content and campaigning are great levelling strategies. The bigger the brand the more complex the content creation and approval process can become. Small brands have a disproportionate advantage here; to appear bigger than they are and braver than the competition. And everyone loves an underdog.

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